Feb 16 2016

Soapmaking: From fascination to passion and beyond

Often times I am asked, “What got you interested in, or made you start, making soap?”  Valid question.  I often wonder the same thing about fellow soapmakers and other crafters.  The stories tend to be quite interesting and vary from one to another. Of course, sometimes similar themes are there:  Non-toxic alternative to the mass-produced …

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Feb 11 2016

Soapin’, soapin’, & more soapin’

So 2016 has started off with a productive bang!  And that’s a good thing, of course. This year, I have had more time during the day to concentrate on the soapy side of things.  Looking forward to the upcoming farmers’ market season this spring (and craft show season immediately following), I have been very busy …

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Feb 09 2016

Why I value customer feedback

I have always valued customer feedback and input on my products. Regardless of whether the product was  purchased, received as a gift, sampled at a market or show, or if they have agreed to test a product formulation for me. It’s all valuable! Why? Because it helps me to make a better product and/or improve …

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Jul 04 2014

Handmade soap – In liquid form

foam soap

NEW!!  Until recent months, it has been about 12 years since I have made liquid soap.  I am happy to tell you…I have been at it again! If you are close enough to attend the Snellville Farmers’ Market this Saturday, you will be able get some for yourself and see how wonderful it is to …

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Jan 11 2014

Pine Tar Soap Available Soon

I bought some (creosote free) pine tar over the summer to make this soap.  The market season was still going strong and then the fall craft shows kept me busy after that.  Then, of course, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s came and went. Now that all of that is over, I can start checking off …

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Oct 21 2013

Lip Luxury: Revive your lips with our new lip scrub!

Lips Scrubs. It’s a new product. Never heard of them?  Well, it’s just what you need to exfoliate the chapped, dry, and dead skin from your lips. This can be used up to 2-3 times per week .  Simply put a small amount (about pea-sized) on your finger and rub on your lips in a …

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