Hi. My name is Susan and I am the mastermind behind Southern Butterflies.

What’s So Great About Handmade Soap?

Well first, handmade cold process soap is real soap.  That commercial stuff that people call soap?  Nope.  Not really soap.

Take a look at the label and you will see that it is not labelled as soap.  Instead, you’ll see things like “cleansing bar”, “beauty bar”, “deodorant bar”, etc.  The commercial manufacturers cannot call it soap because it is not soap.  They include additives in their formulation that often include surfactants, detergents, lather boosters, petroleum residues, etc.  Many commercial manufacturers also extract the glycerine, a natural by-product of the soapmaking process (saponification).  They will put it into their more elite products or sell it as a raw material — adding to your skin’s dryness and their bottomline.  Why is that bad?  Because glycerine is like skin candy!  It’s very moisturizing and is a humjectant, which draws moisture to your skin.  Good stuff.

Now back to the real stuff.  Handmade soap is soooooo much better for your skin!  Aside from the benefits of the glycerine remaining in handmade soap, most artisan soapmakers do not use all those chemicals in soap.

What’s In Your Soap?

I use all-natural vegetable oils in my soap. My soaps are scented with natural essential oils and/or skin-safe fragrances.  If colorants are used, they are also skin-safe.  Some of my soaps also contain goat’s milk or coconut milk.  Milk soaps tend to be milder soaps due to the properties of the milk fat content.  (For example, the Oatmeal Milk & Honey soap.  It’s one of my best sellers.)  I also have a Pine Tar soap, which uses pine tar and an essential oil blend.  My shaving soaps are formulated to get a rich, creamy lather with a nice amount of “slip” for a great shave.

Do You Wholesale?

At present, no.  But I am working on establishing a wholesale program so hopefully it will be up and running soon.

The Backstory – What Got It All Started

I suppose my desire to make soap began when I was a child. One day, when I had the house all to myself, the chemist in me thought how neat it would be to actually make soap. I grabbed an old bar of hotel soap, broke it in pieces, added water, and proceeded to cook it. As you can imagine, all I had was a BIG mess and a little disappointment. Oh well. At least I tried, right?!

Since then, I have learned to make a real batch of soap and it has not only benefited my family, but my customers and their families too. There are no detergents or petroleum residues in my soap, as they can be drying and irritating to your skin. This is especially important to me because some members of my family have sensitive skin.

Don’t stop at soap. Try my other products too. Southern Butterflies offers something for everyone and has many fragrances available. Whether for friends, family, gifts, or for yourself, Southern Butterflies has what you need. So pamper yourself…and take a break from life! ©

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