Feb 11 2016

Soapin’, soapin’, & more soapin’

IMG_4092-curing-rack-13-batches-txt-webSo 2016 has started off with a productive bang!  And that’s a good thing, of course.
This year, I have had more time during the day to concentrate on the soapy side of things.  Looking forward to the upcoming farmers’ market season this spring (and craft show season immediately following), I have been very busy getting organized, ordering supplies, restocking some of my existing soap fragrances, as well as soaping up some new ones, and so on.
In this photo, you get an idea of how busy I’ve been, with 13 batches of soap on the curing rack!  And look how colorful!  I had gotten in some new micas that I was dying to use and have been very pleased with how they have turned out.  Like a little kid at Christmas!  😀
That is shaving soap on the top — my original one, before I began the task of reformulating.  I will have this available for a little while for those that might prefer to stick with that version.  So!  Starting with the really colorful ones, here’s what’s on the curing rack:  Bayside Marina; Beach Baby; Rose Petals; Honeysuckle; Painted Desert; Mango Paradise; Jasmine & Vanilla; Magnolia; Bergamot & Mandarin; and Fresh Ginger Lime.  This is a different Ginger Lime than what I have had in the past, as I can no longer obtain that fragrance, unfortunately.  The Fresh Ginger Lime is still nice, but it is a bit different and probably a little more on the lime side of things?

soap-gallery2-bayside-marina soap-gallery2-beach-baby soap-gallery2-mango-paradise2 soap-gallery2-painted-desert

I have also recently finished formulating a few new test batches of shaving soap that I am in the process of sending to some willing volunteers for testing.  (More on that here.)
What’s on the agenda now?  More soaping.  I still have soaps that need restocking and, believe it or not, still quite a few new ones that are still waiting on the soap pots.  I’m getting there.  And when the soapin’ is caught up — on to the lip gloss, lip scrubs, lip balms, and sugar scrubs!  (And whatever else may come along my path.)
Oops.  I almost forgot about the jams and jellies!  I’ll have to have several “jam sessions” before the markets begin as well.  Crocheting too.  I need to stay on top of the crocheted hats and scarves and things as well so I don’t get too far behind on that either.  But hey.  2016 is off to a great start so far!!  And for that I am grateful.