Feb 09 2016

Why I value customer feedback

Wet ShavingI have always valued customer feedback and input on my products. Regardless of whether the product was  purchased, received as a gift, sampled at a market or show, or if they have agreed to test a product formulation for me. It’s all valuable! Why? Because it helps me to make a better product and/or improve on an existing one.
For example, I am currently reformulating my shaving soap. I have customers that love using my existing shaving soap and I have asked some of them for their help during my quest to make a better shave soap. One that lathers up easier, has a lot of dense, creamy, & fluffy lather, and that will provide an awesome wet shaving experience for them. Of course the after-feel is important too. Does your face feel conditioned, sticky, dry? Since I obviously don’t shave my face, I need willing participants to answer those questions for me.
IMG_4119-shaving-soap-lavender&lemon-crop-web IMG_4120-shaving-soap-lavender&lemon-crop-webIMG_4159-shave-soap-test-2-bergamot-&-mandarin-crop-web
I have the ladies in mind as well! Thanks to…you guess it…customer feedback. I didn’t realize so many women were also interested in wet shaving. While I don’t expect the final formulation to be all that different (men vs women), I will have more fragrances available in this new shaving soap that will appeal to a wider variety of both men and women.  Sometimes a customer will suggest adding a particular fragrance to a product.  And sometimes those suggestions turn into top-selling fragrances!
Bottom line?  Honest, productive feedback can go a very long way to making a very high-quality product.  And I’m all about making a high-quality product.